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Panorama ResourcesBiological disasters of animal origin

Resources Posted on 2018-08-06 15:37:35

Biological disasters of animal origin

The role and preparedness of veterinary and public health services

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Scientific and Technical Review, Vol. 25 (1)

Coordinator: M. Hugh-Jones

Trilingual publication
29.7 x 21 cm
464 pages
ISBN 92-9044-661-7
Price: EUR 50

It is the efficiency with which we plan for and confront traditional and emerging disease outbreaks that will predict our ability and confidence in tackling intentional outbreaks if, when, and where they occur. This means that planning and training must depend on valid models. To prevent public panic, communications must be transparent. Laboratory support must be able to respond to surge demands as well as forensic investigations. These and other crucial dimensions such as compliance of Veterinary Services with OIE standards, early detection and rapid response to outbreaks are covered by recognised experts in this issue of the Scientific and Technical Review.

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