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Panorama Around the worldDissemination of the OIE guidelines for public–private partnership in the veterinary domain

Around the world Posted on 2020-02-03 10:44:12

Dissemination of the OIE guidelines for public–private partnership in the veterinary domain

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At the 87th OIE General Session in May 2019, the OIE PPP Handbook was released; it presents guidelines on how to advocate, develop and implement effective and sustainable public–private partnerships (PPPs) in the veterinary domain. Following this, the OIE launched several dissemination activities, starting with an OIE PPP e-learning course, as well as various regional workshops.

Four such training workshops have taken place, in Ethiopia for Anglophone African countries, in Tunisia for Francophone African countries, in Nepal for South Asia, and in Thailand for South-East Asia. More thematic events will take place in 2020.

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