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Panorama Dossier
Current Issue: #2018-1

Dossier 17 min

The Global Virome Project

Rapid advances in health science and a technology revolution allow us, for the first time, to imagine a world without emerging viral threats...

Dossier 12 min

3-4 The impact of the PRAPS on the improvement of animal heath in pastoral livestock farming

The Regional Sahel Pastoralism Support Programme (PRAPS) concerns Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal...

Dossier 6 min

3-3 Traditional animal movement: a challenge to controlling FMD in the Mekong region

The OIE works to combat FMD in the Mekong region. Among the biggest challenges are the risks posed by traditional movements of cattle and buffalo...

Dossier 17 min

3-2 Animal movements in the run-up to religious festivals

A survey to better understand animal movements was conducted in Tunisia in 2016, before Ramadan…