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Panorama Dossier
Current Issue: #2019-3

12 min

Strengthening animal health services through public–private partnerships

A sustainable, resource-smart, development approach…

11 min

Engaging the actors to ensure impacts of public–private partnerships

The OIE and CIRAD’s participatory evaluation method to assess PPPs in the veterinary arena…

11 min

The voluntary response to antimicrobial resistance by the United Kingdom

The UK’s overall use of antibiotics is one of the lowest in the EU…

10 min

Canada leverages public–private partnerships to keep African swine fever at bay

12 min

An example of the role of public–private partnership in trade facilitation

Quality, safety and trade continuity for natural sausage casings…

7 min

Public-private partnerships: at the heart of animal health surveillance

The GBADs initiative integrates the constraints and needs of private and public surveillance stakeholders...