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Panorama #2019-3

A thematic comprehensive compilation of resources gathering articles, opinions, success stories and publications relating to a given theme. This publication is a reflection of the strategies and activities undertaken by the OIE in its main areas of work as well as by its network. 3 issues per year

Editorial 12 min

Public–private partnerships: a winning strategy to sustainably improve national Veterinary Services

The OIE is committed to working towards fruitful public–private partnerships…

Perspectives 10 min

Public–private–producer partnerships (4Ps) in agricultural value chains

Sustainable inclusion of smallholders in agricultural value chains...


OIE publications and external resources

Perspectives 9 min

Public–private partnerships: combining the best of both sectors

It is essential that public and private sectors work in tandem, to solve problems that cannot be solved alone…

Perspectives 12 min

Public–private partnerships build SPS capacity and develop market access

Public–private partnerships feature widely in Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) work…

Perspectives 6 min

Public–private partnerships: benefits and challenges in the veterinary sector

The OIE is best placed to lead the public–private partnership efforts toward improving the provision of veterinary services...

Perspectives 9 min

Public–private partnerships: essential for strengthening Veterinary Services worldwide

A public–private partnership was pivotal to the successful eradication of rinderpest…

Dossier 12 min

Strengthening animal health services through public–private partnerships

A sustainable, resource-smart, development approach…

Dossier 11 min

Engaging the actors to ensure impacts of public–private partnerships

The OIE and CIRAD’s participatory evaluation method to assess PPPs in the veterinary arena…

Dossier 11 min

The voluntary response to antimicrobial resistance by the United Kingdom

The UK’s overall use of antibiotics is one of the lowest in the EU…

Dossier 10 min

Canada leverages public–private partnerships to keep African swine fever at bay

Dossier 12 min

An example of the role of public–private partnership in trade facilitation

Quality, safety and trade continuity for natural sausage casings…

Dossier 7 min

Public-private partnerships: at the heart of animal health surveillance

The GBADs initiative integrates the constraints and needs of private and public surveillance stakeholders...

Around the world 3 min

Dissemination of the OIE guidelines for public–private partnership in the veterinary domain

OIE dissemination activities on public–private partnerships…

Around the world 7 min

How public–private partnerships can help to bring quality animal health products and extension services to sub-Saharan Africa

County governments in Kenya work closely with Sidai’s grassroots network…

Around the world 13 min

Sanitary mandate in the field of animal disease control

In Tunisia, the implementation of the sanitary mandate is a practical way to ensure the sustainable delivery of veterinary service activities…

Around the world 9 min

Successful implementation of compartmentalisation in aquaculture: the production of Atlantic salmon in Iceland

Stofnfiskur and the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority: another successful public–private partnership in aquaculture…

Around the world 8 min

Public–private partnership: responsibility for managing aquatic animal diseases

Public–private partnerships are key to improving aquatic animal health outcomes...

Around the world 10 min

Public–private partnership: a key strategy to achieve ‘LastMile’ veterinary service delivery

Public Veterinary Services and veterinary para-professionals are essential to the success of the LastMile Initiative…

Around the world 4 min

The OIE public–private partnership initiative: interest and possible routes for dissemination

EuFMD welcomes the OIE Public–Private Partnership Handbook…