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Panorama #2019-1

A thematic comprehensive compilation of resources gathering articles, opinions, success stories and publications relating to a given theme. This publication is a reflection of the strategies and activities undertaken by the OIE in its main areas of work as well as by its network. 3 issues per year

Editorial 14 min

Eradication of bovine tuberculosis: a One Health issue

Bovine tuberculosis merits the commitment made by the FAO/OIE/WHO Tripartite...

Dossier 26 min

Clear thinking is required to establish a national strategy for bovine tuberculosis control

It is critically important to establish strategic objectives for a national bovine tuberculosis control programme...

Dossier 12 min

Bovine tuberculosis: global distribution and implementation of prevention and control measures according to WAHIS data

Forty-four per cent of countries reported bovine tuberculosis in 2017-2018…

Around the world 22 min

The United Nations High-Level Meeting on tuberculosis

In September 2018, the United Nations General Assembly convened a High-Level Meeting on tuberculosis…

Around the world 13 min

Lessons learned from Australian success during the successful eradication of bovine tuberculosis

Australia is one of very few countries to have successfully eradicated bovine tuberculosis…