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Panorama Around the world
Current Issue : #2019-2

Around the world 7 min

Initiatives to facilitate the international movement of sport horses in South America

OSAF has successfully taken part in various approaches to facilitate the movement of racehorses…

Around the world 17 min

Long-term, equine-disease-free zone (EDFZ) in Guangzhou, the People’s Republic of China

The European Commission included this EDFZ in its list of ‘third countries’…

Around the world 6 min

Regional seminar on the OIE standards and procedure to facilitate international movements of competition horses

OIE seminar for Middle-Eastern countries, Beirut, Lebanon, 13–15 June 2019

Around the world 5 min

Fostering public–private partnerships at the national and regional levels

The OIE and the International Horse Sports Confederation support sub-regional workshops…