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Panorama Around the world
Current Issue : #2018-1

Around the world 19 min

OIE guidelines and biothreat reduction

To address the lack of standards for biothreat and disaster response in many countries, an OIE ad hoc group has drafted guidelines on biothreat reduction...

Around the world 19 min

Regional table-top exercise for countries of the Middle East and North Africa

The OIE organised a workshop with a table-top exercise, which brought together experts and decision-makers from both the veterinary community and law enforcement/security sectors...

Around the world 18 min

The OIE Veterinary Legislation Support Programme

The OIE has been able to integrate legal considerations concerning biological threat reduction into the overall mission of its Veterinary Legislation Support Programme...

Around the world 17 min

Working together to reduce biological threats in animal agriculture

The Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases, Texas A&M University, has been working together with the OIE on a project about the competencies and curriculum for veterinary para-professionals...

Around the world 18 min

The Emergency Management Centre for Animal Health

The Emergency Management Centre for Animal Health (EMC–AH) intends to broaden its assistance to Member Countries to include activities at all stages of emergency management...

Around the world 6 min

Cooperation among the Rinderpest Holding Facilities Network

The five FAO/OIE-designated rinderpest holding facilities have agreed formally to establish the RHF Network...

Around the world 7 min

The rinderpest virus tracking system

After the declaration of the global eradication of rinderpest in 2011, the FAO and the OIE were asked to establish and maintain a single global inventory of all existing rinderpest-virus-containing materials...