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Panorama Around the world
Current Issue : #2018-2

Around the world 22 min

The Peste des Petits Ruminants Global Research and Expertise Network (PPR–GREN)

In 2018, the Peste des Petits Ruminants Global Research and Expertise Network (PPR–GREN) met for the first time...

Around the world 42 min

Development of a pilot strategy for PPR control

Under the 3rd component of the VSPA project, a pilot strategy was adopted to more effectively combat PPR in Burkina Faso and Ghana...

Around the world 21 min

Strengthening AU–PANVAC’s capacities

The Panafrican Veterinary Vaccine Centre was strengthened as part of the 2nd component of the VSPA project...

Around the world 23 min

A pilot project to determine the most effective strategies to control and eradicate PPR

The implementation of the pilot project named ‘Vaccine Standards and Pilot Approach to PPR Control in Africa’ (VSPA) was successful...

Around the world 31 min

Veterinary Surveillance Points for animal migration routes in Georgia

In Georgia, Veterinary Surveillance Points were established along the animal migration routes, to increase the productivity of livestock and their export potential...

Around the world 23 min

PPR control and eradication programme in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, Veterinary Field Units have been the key to the National PPR Control Strategy…

Around the world 27 min

The importance of pastoralism in Chad

In Chad, the contributions of the Regional Sahel Pastoralism Support Programme are already widely visible on the ground…

Around the world 8 min

PRAPS–Senegal strengthens the vaccination capacity of the Veterinary Services

In Senegal, the public authorities are now actively supporting pastoralism…