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Panorama Dossier
Current Issue : #2019-1

Dossier 8 min

BCG-compatible DIVA skin tests for cattle vaccinated against bovine tuberculosis

BCG-compatible DIVA reagents for cattle in the pipeline…

Dossier 11 min

Efficacy of oral BCG vaccination in protecting free-ranging cattle

Oral BCG vaccination of free-ranging cattle could be a particularly valuable strategy…

Dossier 10 min

A retrospective study on bovine tuberculosis in cattle in Fiji

Case study of bovine tuberculosis control in an endemically infected cattle population in the Pacific…

Dossier 9 min

Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in India

Scientists have estimated the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in India…

Dossier 9 min

Reverse vaccinology approach for novel bovine tuberculosis vaccines

Researchers are taking a reverse vaccinology approach to develop new vaccines against bovine tuberculosis…

Dossier 10 min

Efficacy of BCG vaccine for the control of tuberculosis in domestic livestock and wildlife

Vaccination is a promising option for the control of bovine tuberculosis…

Dossier 8 min

The socio-economic costs of bovine tuberculosis

Calculating the socio-economic costs of bTB requires the evaluation of multiple factors…

Dossier 26 min

Clear thinking is required to establish a national strategy for bovine tuberculosis control

It is critically important to establish strategic objectives for a national bovine tuberculosis control programme...