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Panorama Dossier
Current Issue : #2020-1

Dossier 18 min

Management options to mitigate the risk of swill feeding

Are bans on swill the only option?

Dossier 8 min

Compartmentalisation to facilitate pork production in high-risk environments for ASF

Biosecurity is currently the only effective way of preventing ASF…

Dossier 12 min

The role of ticks in the transmission and maintenance of ASF

The relevance of ticks in the contemporary epidemiology of ASF could be questioned...

Dossier 10 min

Border control measures to prevent the introduction of ASF

Control measures are required both before departure and on arrival...

Dossier 9 min

African swine fever – getting prepared

The stamping-out strategy presents significant logistical and environmental challenges…

Dossier 12 min

Euroasiatic wild pigs and ASF virus genotype II: a new challenge

The presence of the virus in wild pigs represents a challenge for any Veterinary Service…

Dossier 9 min

Vaccines for ASF

No commercial vaccine is available yet for African swine fever virus...