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Panorama Perspectives
Current Issue : #2019-3

Perspectives 10 min

Public–private–producer partnerships (4Ps) in agricultural value chains

Sustainable inclusion of smallholders in agricultural value chains...

Perspectives 9 min

Public–private partnerships: combining the best of both sectors

It is essential that public and private sectors work in tandem, to solve problems that cannot be solved alone…

Perspectives 12 min

Public–private partnerships build SPS capacity and develop market access

Public–private partnerships feature widely in Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) work…

Perspectives 6 min

Public–private partnerships: benefits and challenges in the veterinary sector

The OIE is best placed to lead the public–private partnership efforts toward improving the provision of veterinary services...

Perspectives 9 min

Public–private partnerships: essential for strengthening Veterinary Services worldwide

A public–private partnership was pivotal to the successful eradication of rinderpest…