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Panorama #2019-1

A thematic comprehensive compilation of resources gathering articles, opinions, success stories and publications relating to a given theme. This publication is a reflection of the strategies and activities undertaken by the OIE in its main areas of work as well as by its network. 3 issues per year

Editorial 14 min

Eradication of bovine tuberculosis: a One Health issue

Bovine tuberculosis merits the commitment made by the FAO/OIE/WHO Tripartite...

Perspectives 9 min

Accelerating bovine tuberculosis control in lower-income settings

Accelerating bTB control is a priority for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…


OIE publications and external resources

Perspectives 11 min

Roadmap for zoonotic tuberculosis

Reducing the incidence of zoonotic tuberculosis requires us to manage the risk at its animal source...

Dossier 8 min

BCG-compatible DIVA skin tests for cattle vaccinated against bovine tuberculosis

BCG-compatible DIVA reagents for cattle in the pipeline…

Dossier 11 min

Efficacy of oral BCG vaccination in protecting free-ranging cattle

Oral BCG vaccination of free-ranging cattle could be a particularly valuable strategy…

Dossier 10 min

A retrospective study on bovine tuberculosis in cattle in Fiji

Case study of bovine tuberculosis control in an endemically infected cattle population in the Pacific…

Dossier 9 min

Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in India

Scientists have estimated the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in India…

Dossier 9 min

Reverse vaccinology approach for novel bovine tuberculosis vaccines

Researchers are taking a reverse vaccinology approach to develop new vaccines against bovine tuberculosis…

Dossier 10 min

Efficacy of BCG vaccine for the control of tuberculosis in domestic livestock and wildlife

Vaccination is a promising option for the control of bovine tuberculosis…

Dossier 8 min

The socio-economic costs of bovine tuberculosis

Calculating the socio-economic costs of bTB requires the evaluation of multiple factors…