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Panorama #2020-2

A thematic comprehensive compilation of resources gathering articles, opinions, success stories and publications relating to a given theme. This publication reflects the strategies and activities undertaken by the OIE in its main areas of work as well as by its network

Editorial 17 min

Responding to emergencies through preparedness and resilience

The Editorial from the Director General of the OIE...


OIE publications and external resources

Perspectives 11 min

Disseminating emergency management best practices through new technologies

The OIE Sub-Regional Representation for South-East Asia is facilitating expert networking...

Perspectives 12 min

Building resilience against agro-terrorism and agro-crime

OIE, FAO and INTERPOL are joining forces against agro-terrorism...

Perspectives 14 min

Exploring innovative approaches to improving the sustainable management of animal health emergencies

The OIE facilitated an expert discussion to explore innovative approaches…

Dossier 7 min

Risk assessment to inform targeted surveillance at airports and prevent the introduction of African swine fever

Transport of animal products in passengers’ luggage is a demonstrated pathway for the spread of ASF...

Dossier 13 min

OFFLU collaboration in the WHO influenza vaccine virus selection process

Dossier 19 min

Rift Valley fever and the challenges of remaining fully prepared for this periodic emergency

Countries need to pay attention to early-warning systems...

Dossier 9 min

OIE actions on emerging diseases of aquatic animals

The example of tilapia lake virus...

Around the world 14 min

Biosafety Level 4 Zoonotic Laboratory Network (BSL4ZNet)

An example of how established trust and scientific diplomacy have contributed towards efforts to overcome global health crises...

Around the world 10 min

Nordic−Baltic emergency preparedness through cooperation between authorities

The Nordic−Baltic Veterinary Contingency Group increases harmonisation in the response to epizootics...