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Panorama #2018-1

A thematic comprehensive compilation of resources gathering articles, opinions, success stories and publications relating to a given theme. This publication is a reflection of the strategies and activities undertaken by the OIE in its main areas of work as well as by its network. 3 issues per year

Editorial 13 min

New tools to confront future biothreats

The benefits of actions to promote animal health are not restricted to improving animal health and productivity, they are also key components of any biothreat reduction policy...

Perspectives 16 min

Perspectives on dual use

The term ‘dual use’ has become a catchphrase for advances that can be used for good but also for malevolent purposes, including in the life sciences...


OIE publications and external resources

Around the world 19 min

OIE guidelines and biothreat reduction

To address the lack of standards for biothreat and disaster response in many countries, an OIE ad hoc group has drafted guidelines on biothreat reduction...

Perspectives 20 min

Threat reduction in an era of changing bio-risk

Nearly 75% of countries are unable to meet international biosecurity and biosafety targets. It is imperative to act now. What can be done to accelerate measurable change?

Perspectives 19 min

The Biological Weapons Convention and its practical application

The Biological Weapons Convention prohibits the development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling and use of biological weapons and is a key element in the efforts to address the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction...

Perspectives 18 min

Global Rinderpest Action Plan and national preparedness

Rinderpest remains a threat due to the potential escape of the virus from facilities with remaining stocks. The re-emergence of rinderpest could have a devastating global impact, given the current immunologically naïve populations...

Dossier 17 min

The Global Virome Project

Rapid advances in health science and a technology revolution allow us, for the first time, to imagine a world without emerging viral threats...

Around the world 19 min

Regional table-top exercise for countries of the Middle East and North Africa

The OIE organised a workshop with a table-top exercise, which brought together experts and decision-makers from both the veterinary community and law enforcement/security sectors...

Around the world 18 min

The OIE Veterinary Legislation Support Programme

The OIE has been able to integrate legal considerations concerning biological threat reduction into the overall mission of its Veterinary Legislation Support Programme...