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The official Activities & Programmes
Current Issue : #2019-2

Activities & Programmes 10 min

GF–TADs FMD Working Group meets to review progress on implementation of its work plan

Paris, France, 8–9 July 2019

Activities & Programmes 18 min

Governance activities of the EBO–SURSY project

The programme aims to strengthen early detection systems in wildlife in West and Central Africa to better prevent outbreaks of viral haemorrhagic diseases...

Activities & Programmes 20 min

The Veterinary Legislation Support Programme (VLSP)

Has your country already hosted a PVS Evaluation?

Activities & Programmes 5 min

The challenges of digitalisation and animal health global approach to address the 2030 agenda

Rome, Italy, 12–13 June 2019

Activities & Programmes 31 min

OIE expert surveillance panel on equine influenza vaccine composition

Conclusions and recommendations, April 2019