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L'officiel Activities & Programmes
Current Issue : #2019-1

Activities & Programmes 12 min

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture communiqué

Digitalisation in agriculture will play an important role in achieving the sustainable development goals…

Activities & Programmes 13 min

United Against Rabies

The United Against Rabies collaboration calls upon governments to take a step forward…

Activities & Programmes 25 min

A collaborative vision of the future

Partners and investors gathered to contribute to the development of the OIE’s 7th Strategic Plan…

Activities & Programmes 7 min

Joint evaluation of GF–TADs

The evaluation examined the added value of the FAO/OIE Global Framework for Transboundary Animal Diseases...

Activities & Programmes 6 min

13th Annual Meeting of the OIE/FAO FMD Reference Laboratories Network

The experts reviewed recent reports of FMD outbreaks and discussed the distribution of virus lineages…

Activities & Programmes 10 min

2nd Regional Meeting for OIE Reference Centres for Asia and the Pacific

The Asia–Pacific region contains 48 OIE Reference Laboratories and 12 OIE Collaborating Centres...