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The Official #2018-2

As the institutional voice of the OIE, this publication outlines the progress of OIE flagship programmes and activities. It also provides an overview of all official acts endorsed by the OIE and its Member Countries: resolutions, expert reports, and disease status recognition, among others. 3 issues per year

Activities & Programmes 29 min

OIE expert surveillance panel on equine influenza vaccine composition

Recommendations of March 2018 regarding the equine influenza vaccine composition...

Official acts

Activities & Programmes 4 min

Memorandum of Understanding signed by FAO, OIE and WHO

International partnership to address health risks gets a boost...

Activities & Programmes 11 min

Ministerial Declaration

Partnering and investing for a PPR-free world: Ministerial Declaration by 17 countries...

Activities & Programmes 2 min

Ministerial Declaration

The Agriculture Ministers of the G20 members adopted a declaration, which supports the OIE...

Official Acts 6 min

Recommendations of Conferences of OIE Regional Commissions

Recommendations endorsed on 24 May 2018...

Official Acts 48 min

Resolutions adopted by the World Assembly of the Delegates of the OIE

Official Acts 3 min

Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between the OECD and the OIE